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September 20 - 21 ,2005
Energy Solutions for Your Organization -Learn about Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Combined Heat and Power Technologies. Connecticut, working in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, presents a two-day workshop intended to educate energy end-users about the opportunities these technologies represent. This no-cost workshop will be held September 20-21, 2005 at the Courtyard Marriott in Waterbury, Connecticut and is sponsored by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation and hosted by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund.

Additional Information: Click Here

Contact Information: Heidi Beiber
Telephone Number: (860) 563-0015 x327

October 1, 2005
2005 Green Buildings Open House -Tour Sites All Over Connecticut! 10:00am to 4:00pm - This event, which is part of the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour, offers a unique opportunity for people to see first-hand how clean energy and green building practices can be put to work. Homeowners and building managers are on site to describe their green building features and answer questions. Many of the buildings demonstrate how solar hot water is collected and stored, how photovoltaics can be placed on or integrated into the shell of a building to produce electricity, and how wind can be used to generate power. The Green Buildings Open House demystifies green buildings, proving that they are comfortable, affordable, and attractive.

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Contact Information: Timothy Rourke
Telephone Number: 860-655-5985

October 23 - 25 ,2005
Fuel Cell Summit 2005 - Mohegan Sun Casino and Convention Center -The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and SME have joined together to bring you Fuel Cell Summit 2005, featuring two conferences in one: SME's "Manufacturing Alternative Energy's Future" and CCEF's "Commercialization Tipping Points". Don't miss this unique event! The Fuel Cell Summit 2005 is a solutions-based event that brings together private sector & government investors, OEM's, and technology and manufacturing suppliers to accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell product applications. Learn best practices in manufacturing, engineering, and materials advancements. Understand investor constraints while defining current market drivers for hydrogen and fuel cell applications.

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May 2 - U.S. EPA to Honor Connecticut Climate Change Leadership

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