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Rocky Hill, CT (December 7, 2004)—The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) announced today the release of the draft of its Renewable Energy Project Pre-Development Program Opportunity. The document, which is available at the CCEF website,, is open for public comment until December 17, 2004. A formal release of the Program Opportunity is targeted for December 23, 2004.

The goal of the Project Pre-Development Program is to support site-specific activities that will foster a broad range of renewable energy production facilities to benefit Connecticut electric ratepayers. The available funding assists early stage projects with activities such as site control, environmental assessments, facility design, grid interconnection analysis, development of commercial documents, and public outreach and education. Through these activities the program will accomplish the following objectives:

• Reduce the financial risk during the early stage of project development,
• Stimulate growth in renewable energy resources,
• Create a pipeline of clean energy projects for long-term contracting under “Project 100”.

“The Project Pre-Development Program will be one of several, important components of “Project 100”. (Project 100 was announced in October by CCEF as a new initiative supporting landmark legislation.) “The Pre-Development Program is designed to support a pipeline of renewable energy projects that will hopefully move into the construction phase and operation.” said Lise Dondy, Chief Operating Officer of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

Total cost to install 100 MW of class I renewable energy resources could approach $500 million dollars.

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund invests in technology to support the creation of supply from renewable sources and fuel cells in order to strengthen Connecticut’s economy, protect community health, improve the environment, and promote a secure energy supply for Connecticut. The Fund, financed by a surcharge on ratepayers’ electric utility bills, is administered by Connecticut Innovations.

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