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Clean-energy projects to be funded over three years

ROCKY HILL, Conn., January 2, 2004 – The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) has announced its continuing support for Solar Photovoltaics with a new three- year program for PV installations on commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Photovoltaics, a non-polluting clean energy technology, directly converts sunlight into electricity. The program is intended to demonstrate to Connecticut citizens that Solar PV is a viable technology that is available today and works efficiently right here in the Nutmeg state. The RFP will seek proposals over the next three years and provide funding to projects that demonstrate Solar PV as a viable clean energy resource in Connecticut.
“We are pleased to have the opportunity to help fund projects that will show how PV technology can power buildings effectively and economically, while reducing consumption of energy from the grid and improving the environment,” said Charlie Moret, managing director, investments, for CCEF. “Funding projects over the next three years will provide the ongoing market stimulation needed to encourage the development and commercialization of this exciting technology and help create employment opportunities within our state.”
CCEF will seek projects that demonstrate Solar PV’s potential as a viable distributed-generation resource in Connecticut. The Fund is particularly interested in projects that promote uses of photovoltaics that:
Create awareness, education, and promotion of PV to Connecticut residents;
Help build PV infrastructure and create employment opportunities in Connecticut;
Employ innovative approaches that are ideally suited for PV and, therefore, extract the maximum value for the installation;
Demonstrate benefits of distributed generation in areas of electrical load congestion and incorporate energy storage that can be employed in the event of a blackout;
Exhibit a high probability of successful implementation and operation;
Promote the environmental benefits of PV.
Questions about the program will be addressed at an information meeting to be held at
10:00 a.m. on January 20, 2004, at the Radisson Hotel in Cromwell. To register for the meeting, contact the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund by phone at 860.563.0015 or email at
The complete RFP can be obtained from CCEF’s Web site,, or by sending a written request to the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, 999 West St., Rocky Hill, CT 06067.
The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, which is administered by Connecticut Innovations, Inc., invests in enterprises and initiatives that promote and develop sustainable markets for energy from renewable resources and fuel cells that will benefit the electric ratepayers of Connecticut. CCEF’s other clean energy projects include fuel cell installations at South Windsor High School; St. Francis Hospital, Hartford; Peabody Museum, New Haven; New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority and solar energy power project at the Salmon Brook Ecology Center, Granby and CT Transit bus maintenance facility in Hartford.
Charles Moret, Connecticut Clean Energy Fund 860-563-0015
Administered by
Connecticut Innovations
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