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Connecticut Collaborates to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Plan is to Build a Cleaner, Healthier, and More Prosperous Connecticut

(Rocky Hill, Connecticut – March 21, 2003) – As Connecticut observes Energy Day, a celebration of this most essential resource, the state is also embarking on one of the most important initiatives in its history. A Governor’s Steering Committee is developing a comprehensive plan to significantly reduce Connecticut’s emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) that are contributing to global climate change. Leaders from key state agencies, including the Department of Environmental Protection, Public Utility Control, Transportation, Administrative Services, the Office of Policy and Management, and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, make up the committee.

“Committing to the reduction of greenhouse gases in Connecticut is an important undertaking for the future health of our environment and our economy,” said Arthur H. Diedrick, Chairman of Development for the State of Connecticut. “With the support and determination of all sectors—government, industry, non-governmental organizations, academia and the public—we can begin to prevent the harmful consequences of climate change.”

The Governor’s Steering Committee decided that the process of developing an effective greenhouse-gas reduction plan for Connecticut must involve an expert, balanced and representative stakeholder group. Currently, the committee is asking recognized leaders to participate in a Connecticut Climate Change Stakeholder Dialog to formulate a policy baseline, a comprehensive package of mitigation options, and documentation of potential progress by Connecticut towards GHG emission targets established by the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers.

The initial meeting for the stakeholder group is planned for the end of April 2003. Subsequent meetings are expected to continue through the fall of this year.

For additional information on the background and goals of this initiative, visit to view a report entitled, “Leading by Example: Connecticut Collaborates to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.” The report provides important regional facts about climate change and the greenhouse gases that cause it; describes the cross-border activities that give rise to Connecticut’s initiative; highlights climate change initiatives currently underway in Connecticut; reports on Connecticut’s Inter-Agency Summit; and explains why Connecticut has what it takes to succeed.

Supporting Documents
Letter from the Governor (download)
Leading by Example Report (download)

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