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HARTFORD, Conn., March 16, 2000 — More than 35 Connecticut companies recently attended a forum designed to help commercial and industrial consumers learn about purchashing “green power”—electricity produced from non-polluting sources.

The forum, Green Power for Connecticut Businesses, was held on Friday, March 10, at the Hastings International Conference Center in Hartford.

State Representative Jessie Stratton (D-Canton), chair of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Environment Committee, opened the workshop by calling on the businesses community to take a leadership role in reducing air pollution. She pointed out that electric power generation is a major source of air pollution in Connecticut, contributing roughly one-third of the emissions tracked by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and an even larger share of total carbon dioxide emissions. Connecticut businesses, she said, can help reduce the state’s air pollution—without disrupting their operations—by purchasing green power directly from the grid.

Representatives from Monsanto and Kinko’s, two companies that have already switched to green power, shared their companies’ experiences with the audience.

Green-e, a nonprofit organization that provides independent certification of green power suppliers, was also on-hand.

The event was sponsored by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CEF), the Connecticut ClimateWise Partnership, the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA.

More information about green power is available by calling the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund at (860) 563-0015 or the Connecticut ClimateWise Partnership at (860) 424-3297.

About the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund — CEF is an investment fund dedicated to promoting the use of clean power in Connecticut. The fund makes capital and venture capital investments in enterprises that either produce clean energy, build consumer demand for clean energy or make clean-energy products. The Connecticut General Assembly created the CEF in 1998 as part of legislation restructuring electric utilities. The fund began formal operations in January 2000. Connecticut Innovations, which manages the fund, is the State of Connecticut’s leading investor in high-tech and knowledge-based businesses.

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