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Event Sponsorships

Connecticut Association of Schools - Annual Convocation
In August of 2001, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund was pleased to be a major sponsor of the Connecticut Association of School's annual fall convocation. The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund had an opportunity to talk with the state's education leaders including superintendents and principals about the importance of renewable energy and the role Connecticut schools could play in supporting clean energy technologies. The event was the 1st event in Connecticut to be powered by 100% renewable energy through a Pure Wind certificate.

Connecticut Green Building Council - Organization Kick-Off
In October of 2001, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund in partnership with state government, businesses, and non-profit organizations launched the Connecticut Green Building Council. This event, sponsored by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, was kicked-off with a speech by the fund's Chairman Arthur H. Diedrick discussing the importance of green building design and construction. Bob Fox, of Fox and Fowle Architects, and Jim Toothacre of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection gave presentations on the opportunities that green buildings present in terms of economic cost savings and environmental benefits.

NESEA - National Tour of Solar Homes
In October of 2001, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund supported the National Tour of Solar Homes event coordinated by the Northeast Sustainable Energy association. This event highlighted homes in Connecticut that were designed with energy efficiency in mind using passing solar heating and photovoltaic solar power systems. Several small demonstration sites of energy efficient products and green power electricity offerings were given at various Home Depots throughout the state.

NESEA Building Energy 2002
In March of 2002, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund proudly sponsored its third NESEA Building Energy conference. NESEA, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, is a regional non-profit organization promoting clean electricity, green transportation, and healthy efficient buildings. This unique event highlights green building design and the advancement of renewable energy resources in the region. Experts, public officials, and interested citizens participate in a series of educational tracks to further and update their knowledge on the development of renewable energy in the northeast.

Connecticut Green Building Council - LEED Training
In March of 2002, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund in partnership with the Construction Institute, helped sponsor a training and educational event of the Connecticut Green Building Council. This event was the largest ever U.S. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) training events offered by the U.S. Green Building Council. This event brought architects, universities, and state agencies together to learn about the LEED rating system and the design of green buildings.

Environment Northeast - Connecticut Green Power Conference
In March of 2002, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund was the lead sponsor of Environment Northeast's "Connecticut Clean Power Conference." This event brought business and municipal leaders together to discuss renewable energy options in Connecticut. This event served as Environment Northeast's official launch of their "Clean Power for Connecticut" effort to inform business, institutions, and municipalities about the many opportunities to purchase renewable energy.

Sustainable Step New England - Sustainability is Good for Business
In May of 2002, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund was the lead sponsor of Sustainable Step New England's "Sustainability is Good for Business" roundtable. This roundtable brought business leaders together to discuss the importance of sustainable business practices. Dr. Norman Richards of the Mohegan Tribal Nation presented the Mohegan Sun's efforts to create a sustainable energy system.

CPTV Family Science Expo 2002 - Earth, Energy and the Environment
In May of 2002, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund was pleased to be a major supporting sponsor of Connecticut Public Television's 11th Annual Family Science Expo held in May 2002 at the Connecticut Expo Center in Hartford. The Expo celebrated the theme "E3: Earth, Energy & the Environment," providing nearly 20,000 young students, teachers and parents with an opportunity to explore Connecticut's energy supply including the use of traditional fuels, renewable energy and energy conservation, as well as the need to protect the environment. The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund unveiled its interactive learning exhibit at this Expo.

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