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Why Clean Power?

Clean Power: Good for You!

Clean power benefits everyone: you, your state and your world. Developing and using clean power instead of power generated by fossil fuels:

Protects the fragile environment we all need to live and be healthy
Generating electric power through fossil fuels creates more pollution than any other single industry in the U.S. These pollutants include carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide. They are harmful substances that readily enter the air, water and soil and make their way into our bodies.

Scientists believe that the so-called "greenhouse gasses" produced by burning fossil fuels are warming the atmosphere and changing Earth's climate. This could soon lead to serious consequences for all living creatures.

The more clean power we use, the less "dirty" power electric plants must produce. That means fewer pollutants in the environment and a cleaner, healthier world for you, your children, and generations of people to come.

Helps America become energy-independent
The U.S. imports 56 percent of the oil we use, draining dollars from our economy and putting us at the mercy of foreign powers. Developing alternative energy sources will help ensure an uninterrupted supply of the affordable energy that keeps America running.

Helps ensure a long-term power supply
It took millions of years for fossil fuels to form in the Earth, but we're using them up at lightning speed. Some experts say we may run out by the end of this century. By buying clean power, you encourage businesses, governments, scientists and others to pursue practical, economical alternatives for generating the power we'll need for decades to come.

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