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Quick Facts About CEF

How We Began
The Connecticut General Assembly created the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund in 1998 as part of legislation deregulating Connecticut's electric utility industry. The statute directed that the fund be used to:

  • Foster growth, development and commercialization of renewable energy technologies and sources;
  • Stimulate Connecticut consumers' demand for renewable energy; and
  • Promote deployment of renewable energy sources that serve Connecticut's energy customers.

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund began formal operations in January 2000.

How We're Funded
As provided in the legislation that created CEF, the funds we use to stimulate the state's clean energy industry come from a surcharge on Connecticut ratepayers' utility bills. The fund is expected to aggregate to over $100 million in 5 years.

How We're Managed
The Clean Energy Fund is managed by Connecticut Innovations Inc., a 12-year-old quasi-public agency charged with making equity and other investments to expand Connecticut's high-technology sector.

Guiding Principles
In keeping with our Legislative Mandate, CEF invests public funds only in projects, initiatives or enterprises that stand to benefit Connecticut ratepayers. As we pursue our public-purpose mission, we are committed to:

  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards in all our dealings;
  • Being prudent stewards of the financial resources with which we are entrusted;
  • Operating in an open manner;
  • Leveraging our resources through partnerships with other key organizations; and
  • Ensuring that partners and the public have fair and equal access to all CEF program opportunities and information.

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