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Assessment of Southern New England's Offshore Wind Characteristics for Wind Power Applications
currently underway, completion expected May 2002

"Southern New England Wave Energy Resource Potential" March 2001

"Buying Green Power Makes Good Business Sense"

"Wind Energy in the Northeastern U.S."
October 2000

"Biomass Strategies for Connecticut"
May 2000

"PV-Powered Wireless Telecommunications Systems"
April 2000


www.repp.org - supports the advancement of renewable energy technology through policy research. Promotes growth strategies for energy markets. Serves as a "wholesaler" of research and analysis.

Green-e.org - electricity certification program to encourage consumers confidence in buying "green electricity"

Nrel.gov/ceb.html - National Renewable Energy Lab. Fundamental research on renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.

Eren.doe.gov/greenpower - Energy efficient and renewable energy network. U.S. Department of Energy. A "clearinghouse" for information on the electirc power industry's green power efforts.

Newenergy.com/index1.htm - Technology -based energy company to serve customers in every state where a competitive energy market is emerging.

www.energyguide.com - your complete resource for free unbiased advice about today's energy choices.

www.americangreen.org - American Green Network is a sustainable energy advocacy organization dedicated to promoting America's cleanest energy choices. They work to keep America's public policy makers, the news media, and the general public informed about the many benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

www.ceert.org - A coalition of the nation's leading environmental and public interest groups and innovative technology companies working to develop America's clean and renewable energy sources.

www.eren.doe.gov/consumerinfo - consumer energy information

Realliance.org - Renewable Energy Alliance - promotes the development of the U.S. market for renewable energies.

Environmental Defense - Environmental Defense is working to make buying electricity from clean, environmentally preferable sources such as wind and solar as popular as recycling is today.

Powermarketers.com - features a wealth of news, information and features about the deregulating, competitive electric power industry.

Wattagemonitor.com your objective source of electricity service and rate information.

www.eai.doe.gov - Energy information administration

www.solstice.crest.org - Solstice is the Internet information service of the Renewable Energy Policy Project and the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (REPP-CREST)

solar-dynamics.com - a client company of ours focusing on portable power systems involving primarily photovoltaic (solar) technology.


Greenmountain.com - The nation's largest leading brand of electricity for residential customers featuring renewable resources. Based in VT.

Green-e.org - electricity certification program to encourage consumers confidence in buying "green electricity"

Dpuc-electric-choice.com/suppliers/index.html - State of CT Department of Public Utility Control

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