The current solar rebate offered by CCEF is based on the design efficiency of your system. That means we will calculate how much electricity your PV system as designed will produce as compared to an equivalent system under ideal conditions. We will then apply that "design factor" to the $/watt basis to calculate the rebate amount. The ideal conditions that will maximize your rebate are:

  1. PV panels with a high PTC rating
  2. An inverter that is 94% efficient or better
  3. No shading on the site
  4. PV panels facing solar south (plus or minus 20 degrees)
  5. PV panels tilted at a 35 degree angle

Rebate $/watt basis

Customer type $ cap per watt
Residential $5 for the first 5kW
$4.30 for the next 5kW
Nonprofit & governmental organization $5 for the first 10kW

Your installer can calculate the projected rebate amount based on your specific site and equipment.

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