As a consumer, you should do your homework when making an investment decision regarding a PV system. First, we suggest you download and read our Connecticut Consumer's Guide to Buying a Solar Electric System (.pdf). Once you've decided a Solar PV system is for you, here is how the PV rebate process will proceed:

  1. Customer contacts Eligible Installer(s) to get rebate calculation.
  2. Eligible Installer sends rebate paperwork to CCEF.
  3. CCEF sends a rebate reservation letter to the customer.
  4. PV system is installed.
  5. The local authority having jurisdiction will inspect the PV system.
  6. The utility will inspect the PV system and authorize the system to be connected to the grid.
  7. CCEF will inspect the PV system.
  8. Upon satisfactory inspection, CCEF pays the rebate to the installer.

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