A number of factors will determine your overall costs and savings including the future price of electricity, how long your system is operational, and the effects of policies that impact solar energy value. Unlike electricity purchased continuously from a utility, PV power comes with a high initial investment and reduced monthly charges thereafter. This means that buying a PV system is an investment in the future.

Connecticut residents now pay on average 20 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity from their utilities. Combining the Connecticut rebate and net metering with federal tax incentives and tax-deductible low-interest financing, could mean cost savings over the life of your PV system, especially if electricity prices keep climbing. For questions concerning tax savings, please consult with a professional tax advisor.

On average, the cost of a residential PV system in Connecticut is $8.50 - $9 per installed watt. The price could be higher if your installation is more complex. The CCEF rebate depends upon the specific design efficiency of your system and it generally pays for about half of the PV system cost.

A CCEF Eligible Installer can help you calculate the payback and return on investment for your PV system. You can also use the solar estimator at www.findsolar.com or the Clean Power Estimator at www.clean-power.com/ccef to estimate system size and costs for your needs.

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