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Green Building and Renewable Energy Conference to be held in New Haven, Connecticut, March 15-18 Participants explore the latest technologies in High-Performance Building and Clean Energy.

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) is holding its annual Green Building and Renewable Energy conference, Building Energy 2000: Buildings, People and the Planet, on March 15 to 18, 2000. The conference will take place at the Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale and on the campus of Yale University. Participants from around the world will come together to exchange the latest information on high- performance, green building and renewable energy technologies.

Jonathan Tauer, the Buildings Program Manager at NESEA describes the Building Energy conference as, "unique in that it brings together the two worlds of renewable energy and green building. The conference will cover many diverse issues that are vitally important to the way in which we will choose to live our lives in this new century. How we build the structures that house our lives and create the electricity that powers those structures makes a tremendous difference."

Building Energy 2000 will feature over 100 industry, government and nonprofit leaders speaking at the many forums, technical sessions, workshops, and plenary sessions. Building Energy will link renewable technologies and sustainable design strategies with solutions to the global climate challenge that promote economic growth. A Renewable and Green Building Exhibition and Trade Show will showcase products and services from dozens of local and national businesses and organizations.

On Thursday morning, the conference will kick off with a plenary speech featuring Michael Morris, the C.E.O. of Northeast Utilities speaking on "Renewables and the energy market in the Northeast." In light of recent energy cost increases in the Northeast Michael will speak on N.U.'s efforts to increase the amount of clean, renewable energy that they produce. Michael will be followed by Marc Rosenbaum, P.E. from Energysmiths in New Hampshire speaking on "building effectiveness". Marc has been a leader in the field of sustainable design and construction for over 20 years in the Northeast. Thursday night will also feature an evening forum entitled "Emerging architecture: What's over the next hill" featuring Randy Croxton, Bob Fox, Steven Strong and Donald Watson, some of the foremost authorities on Sustainable/ High-Performance Buildings that meet both aesthetic and functional challenges.

Building Energy will also feature two full days of workshops on Wednesday March 15th and Saturday March 18th. These workshops provide a way to expand on some of the subjects addressed within the conference itself. All the workshops will be held on the campus of Yale University. The workshops will be on such diverse topics as Building-Integrated Photovoltaics, led by Steven Strong from Solar Design Associates and Radiant Heat led by John Siegenthaler from the Radiant Panel Association.

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association is a 501(c) 3 non-profit that promotes sustainable transportation, energy generation and building practices. A wide range of public private and educational institutions sponsors NESEA's educational events. Northeast Utilities is the title sponsor of Building Energy 2000 this year and they are joined by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, the United Illuminating Company, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, the New England Electric Service, the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, ThermoRetech and Thermotech Windows Limited. These sponsors recognize the unique opportunity that Building Energy 2000 represents in bringing together the Green Building and Renewable Energy industries for four days of Networking, learning, and sharing. Building Energy is a unique conference in this regard.

Plenary speaker Marc Rosenbaum in describing his work says, " We are going to see a totally different planet in 25 years. The barriers to progress aren't technical. Consequently, my business has been getting out of the technical side of things and more almost into leadership and motivation". This is just one of the many aspects that will be explored at Building Energy 2000: "Buildings, People and the Planet". More information on the conference is available on the NESEA website at www.nesea.org

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