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The Connecticut Green Building Council Launches High Performance Green School Initiative

On Monday, the CT Green Building Council (CTGBC), with support from the Henry P. Kendall Foundation and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF), announced the launch of a High Performance Green School Initiative. This effort will bring together key organizations, decision-makers, and opinion leaders in the public, private, non-profit and academic sectors to discuss the need for high performance green schools in Connecticut.

Connecticut school buildings could be providing healthier, more productive educational settings, contributing to the academic improvement of students, reducing environmental impacts and costs, and opening opportunities for local community use – all the while saving money for taxpayers.

“Over the next 9 months the CTGBC will bring together Connecticut’s leaders to raise the awareness about the need for and importance of high performance green schools,” stated CTGBC President Bob Maddox. “As part of this effort we will engage a blue ribbon panel to explore the opportunities and barriers to designing and constructing quality schools in Connecticut.”

High performance green schools offer significant benefits that include healthier indoor environmental quality, improved student performance, increased teacher morale, and significant cost savings over the life of the school buildings. These schools are environmentally friendly – they incorporate high performance mechanical and lighting systems, environmentally responsive site planning, environmentally preferable materials and products, use water more efficiently, and they integrate energy conservation and clean energy strategies

”The CCEF is pleased to join the Kendall Foundation and the CTGBC in supporting this important project for the future of Connecticut’s schools,” stated Lise Dondy, COO of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. “The schools of the future should be powered by onsite clean energy systems in order to provide safe and secure energy resources while reducing the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.”

Maddox said that this initiative will be “instrumental in bringing high performance green schools to every community in Connecticut, buildings that are cost effective, healthy, and environmentally sound.”

The Connecticut Green Building Council is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that seeks to improve the quality of life in Connecticut through the promotion of intelligently designed and constructed high performance energy efficient buildings.

Throughout the year the CTGBC conducts a series of workshops on green building topics, networking opportunities, membership meetings, educational forums, seminars on green buildings and periodic Connecticut-based LEED™ training in connection with the US Green Building Council. The CTGBC also monitors activities in Connecticut related to high performance green buildings and maintains a speaker’s bureau.

For more information on the CTGBC, please visit www.CTGBC.org

The CT Clean Energy Fund invests in programs and initiatives to support the creation of supply and demand for renewable sources in order to strengthen Connecticut’s economy, protect community health, improve the environment, and promote a secure energy supply for Connecticut.

The Fund, financed by a surcharge on ratepayers’ electric utility bills, is administered by Connecticut Innovations.

For more information on the CCEF, please visit www.ctcleanenergy.com