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The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) issued a Call for Applications for its Renewable Energy Pre-Development Program. Those parties interested in participating in the Pre-Development Program Opportunity are required to complete the application document, which can be found on the Fund’s web site at www.ctcleanenergy.com.

The goal of the Pre-Development Program is to encourage the development of renewable energy projects. Project developers that have performed preliminary feasibility studies at a specific site can apply for as much as $250,000 for projects up to 5 megawatts and up to $500,000 for projects greater than 5 megawatts to advance their projects toward development.

The CCEF will assist qualified early stage projects with activities such as site control, environmental assessments, facility design, grid interconnection analysis, development of commercial documents, and public outreach and education. Through these activities the program will significantly advance renewable energy projects by reducing the financial risk during the early stages and will create a pipeline of Class I renewable energy projects that could qualify for long-term power purchase contracts under the “Project 100” initiative.

“Project 100” was announced in November by CCEF as a new initiative supporting Connecticut’s landmark legislation that promotes the development and financing of clean energy projects. “The Pre-Development Program Opportunity will be one of several, important components of “Project 100”, said Lise Dondy, Chief Operating Officer of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. “The Pre-Development Program is designed to support a pipeline of renewable energy projects that will potentially move into the construction phase and operation.”

Information and application forms about the Pre-development Program Opportunity can be found on the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund’s web site: www.ctcleanenergy.com.

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund invests in technology to support the creation of supply from renewable sources and fuel cells in order to strengthen Connecticut’s economy, protect community health, improve the environment, and promote a secure energy supply for Connecticut. The Fund, financed by a surcharge on ratepayers’ electric utility bills, is administered by Connecticut Innovations.