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Rocky Hill, CT (January 3, 2005)—The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for “Project 100”, an initiative promoting the development and deployment of Class I renewable energy resources. Those parties interested in participating under “Project 100” are required to complete the RFP document.

The “Project 100” initiative creates an opportunity for developers, manufacturers and financiers to advance Class I clean energy development projects. The 2003 landmark Connecticut legislation mandates local electric distribution companies to contract a minimum of 100 MW of clean energy resources by July 1, 2007. The distribution companies will enter into power purchase agreements for no less than a 10-year period from Class I renewable energy resources. Pricing under these contracts will include a green premium of up to 5.5 cents per kWh.

“The legislation is designed to encourage the financing of Class I energy projects, increase the supply of clean energy for Connecticut and increase the demand for clean power.” said Lise Dondy, COO of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. “The Department of Public Utilities is working in cooperation with Connecticut Light and Power, United Illuminating, and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund to successfully implement Project 100.”

Those interested in receiving the RFP should visit the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund’s website at www.ctcleanenergy.com or call the Fund at (860) 563-0015 to request a copy.

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund invests in technology to support the creation of supply from renewable sources and fuel cells in order to strengthen Connecticut’s economy, protect community health, improve the environment, and promote a secure energy supply for Connecticut. The Fund, financed by a surcharge on ratepayers’ electric utility bills, is administered by Connecticut Innovations.