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Laboratory Science Teacher Professional Development Program

Connecticut science teachers, grades 1-12, are invited to apply to work on cutting-edge energy-related science this summer at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) in Golden, Colorado. NREL is the US Department of Energy's (DOE) premier renewable energy and energy efficiency research laboratory. Completed applications must be sent electronically to CCEF by January 30, 2004.

The Laboratory Science Teacher Professional Development program, is an eight-week program at NREL that allows teachers to work at the lab in a mentored research experience in collaboration with an NREL scientist and participate in customized professional development programs each week. Some potential research projects at NREL are solar, wind, hydrogen/fuelcells, bioenergy, advanced vehicles and fuels, geothermal, and energy efficient buildings.

Sponsored by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) and NREL, teachers will learn how to bring the exciting breakthroughs and frontiers of science into their classroom, while conducting hands-on, discovery-based experiments. While the majority of time will be spent in research in the lab, 10-15% of the time will be focused on developing strategies and methods to transfer the lab experience to the classroom.

Application - Recommendation Forms

Download the applications: Click Here
Recommendation Form: Click Here

Basic requirements for application to be a Teacher Research Associate:

  • Commitment: a minimum of 3 years involvement in the program - including 8 weeks this summer at NREL and at least 2 weeks at a participating lab during the following 2 summers. Participants will be asked to present the results of their work in appropriate settings.

  • All applicants must be teaching full time in a public or private elementary or secondary school and continue to be full time employees of the school system throughout the duration of the program.

  • All applicants in secondary schools must have a current teaching assignment with at least ¾ of classroom contact hours in science, mathematics, and/or technology.

  • All applicants must have at least 5 years teaching experience e and be a US citizen at the time of application.

  • All applicants must have current health insurance coverage. There must be verification of the insurance before arriving at the appointment site.

Participating teachers receive a $800/week stipend, $150/week housing allowance, travel expenses as well as equipment and conference grant opportunities. Teacher Research Associates are selected on a competitive basis. Completed applications must be sent electronically to CCEF by January 30, 2004. Teachers should have an interest in renewable energy science and technological research. At a minimum, teachers should have a science, math or technology degree and several years of teaching experience. Notification of selection will be in February.

To apply, download and complete the application off line. When completed, please email your attached application to Julie.Rader@ctinnovations.com or Bryan Garcia , Bryan.Garcia@ctinnovations.com , 860-563-0015.
Teacher Research Associates selected by CCEF to go to NREL, will join other pre-selected participants sponsored by the Department of Energy. Additional information about the LSTPD can be found at > www.scied.science.doe.gov
IMPORTANT: the application used must be obtained on the CCEF site.

For more information about this teacher professional development opportunity sponsored by CCEF and NREL , please contact Julie Rader at CCEF, 860-563-5851 ; Julie.Rader@ctinnovations.com; or Bryan Garcia , 860-563-0015.

FREE Wind Energy Teachers Workshops

From the grain grinders of ancient Holland to the controversial off-shore projects near Cape Cod, wind power has captured the public imagination with its simplicity and elegance. Dig deeper into the wind and introduce your students to the science behind the fastest growing energy resource in the world.

These full day workshops will appeal to middle/high school science teachers who are interested in renewable energy, physics, engineering and design. No knowledge of wind energy is required to attend the workshop and they are offered free of charge.

Download the applications: Click Here
Workshop Information: Click Here