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Residential Solar PV Program


List Of Eligible Participating Installers Updated 8/10/06

CCEF offers rebates for Connecticut residents who install solar photovoltaic systems on their homes. This program was effective October 1, 2004. The incentives are available only through participating installers that have been designated by CCEF.   Systems may be of any size but must be connected to the electric grid. The program offers an incentive of $5 per Watt (PTC rating) for the first 5kW of system and installation costs, with a maximum rebate of $25,000 per household.   Homes can be one to four family residences.

CCEF has selected a group of professional solar PV installers.   These companies provide consumers with information and details of installing a residential solar PV system. The installers apply for the incentive on behalf of state residents and reduce the cost of the solar PV system by the amount of the rebate. They are responsible for all the paperwork necessary to obtain the incentive from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund on behalf of state residents. To begin the process of applying for a rebate, contact some of the eligible installers listed in the attachment below.

Where to Find Out More

  • Terms and Conditions required by CCEF of installation companies.
  • SolarConnecticut - Visit this informative web site which includes photos of residential solar installations in Connecticut
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"Neither CCEF , Connecticut Innovations, Inc., nor the State of Connecticut: (1) endorses the workmanship of any Eligible Installer; nor (2) guaranties, warranties, or in any way represents or assumes liability for any work proposed or carried out by an Eligible Installer. Additionally, CCEF is not responsible for assuring that the design, engineering and construction of the project or installation of any PV system is proper or complies with any particular laws, regulations, codes, licensing, certification and permit requirements, or industry standards. CCEF does not make any representations of any kind regarding the results to be achieved by the PV system or the adequacy or safety of such measures."

As with any significant purchase, homeowners are encouraged to shop around when considering a solar PV system.   They should check references, do their own due diligence, seek as much information as possible and obtain quotes from several installation companies. Complaints should be filed with the State Of Connecticut , Department of Consumer Protection, the Connecticut Better Business Bureau and a copy sent to the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.