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Connecticut Clean Energy Communities

Download a copy of RFQ #CCEF-VM-CEC-001.pdf

The Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program is a partnership between the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and SmartPower, whose purpose is to assist communities in the purchase and support of clean energy.

Already, cities and towns throughout the state have committed themselves to clean energy campaigns, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and finding alternative solutions for reducing their footprint on the environment. This program is designed to provide communities that make this commitment with opportunities to purchase and support clean energy at no cost by making the purchase of clean energy a viable and attractive option for both businesses and residents.

Free Energy is Easy as 1-2-3 (to qualify)

  1. Commit your town or city to the 20% by 2010 Clean Energy Campaign led by SmartPower
  2. Sign-Up local business and residences in your town or city to the clean energy choice to be offered to CL&P and UI customers in 2005; and
  3. Commit to allocating 100% of the electricity savings resulting from the installation of the clean energy system to additional town or city purchases of clean energy.

This program was launched at the Legislative Office Building at an event called “Funding Municipal Clean Energy Projects” on November 16, 2004.  View streaming video of the event here.  

For more information, please contact cefinfo@ctinnovations.com  The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and SmartPower look forward to your city or town becoming a “Clean Energy Community”.

The Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program provides qualified cities and towns free clean energy systems (solar photovoltaic). By encouraging local businesses and residents to sign-up for the CTCleanEnergyOptions program (offered to Connecticut Light and Power and United Illuminating customers), your city or town could earn free clean energy systems.

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Clean Energy Communities Solar Installer RFQ