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Electric deregulation means you now have something you never had before: the power to choose where your electricity comes from. So choose wisely for yourself, your children and the world we all share. Buy your power from a clean energy source.

Q. What's clean energy?
A. Clean energy is power generated from a clean or renewable resource, such as wind, solar, fuel cells and tides. It's called "clean" because it doesn't pollute the environment or use up vast quantities of natural resources that can never be replaced.

Q. Why is clean energy a good choice?
A. Most electricity comes from burning fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, and coal. This is the single greatest cause of air and water pollution and the greenhouse gasses that are altering the Earth's climate. Choosing clean energy means lower emissions, less pollution, and better health for people, plants, and animals around the world. Plus, clean energy isn't vulnerable to global politics or scarcities that could send fossil fuel prices skyrocketing.

Q. Will my switching to clean energy really make a difference?
A. Absolutely. You'll help reduce the demand for "dirty" energy. You'll encourage companies and entrepreneurs to invest in clean energy production. And you'll send a message to legislators that you support measures that protect our soil, water, and air.

Q. Does clean energy cost more?
A. Not necessarily. And if it does, the difference in your electric bill will amount to only pennies each month.

Q. How can I find a clean energy supplier?
A. Look for a supplier certified by the Green-e Renewable Electricity Certification Program. This program identifies suppliers that meet stringent, objective standards for clean energy production.



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