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Renewable Technologies

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Education and Outreach

The CCEF is partnering with non-profit organizations to educate people about the importance of continuing Connecticut's historical role in innovation and leadership in renewable energy.

The fund focuses its outreach activities in supporting the following primary areas:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Community events
  • Programmatic support

Financial investments considered for education and outreach programs include grants and sponsorships.

Here are the steps we'll take to evaluate your proposal as an investment opportunity.

  1. Initial Screening - An investment manager will evaluate your proposal to determine if it fits within CCEF's mission and strategic direction. This process can be initiated by completing the Initial Request for Funding Form.
  2. Initial Review - An investment manager will review your company profile and proposal.
  3. In-Depth Analysis - Our in-depth analysis may include a thorough evaluation of your organization including financial statements, legal status, and staff qualifications, as well as other items like funding partners, proposed program evaluation metrics, and target audience.
  4. Your Presentation - If deemed necessary by the CCEF, your management team may be given the opportunity to make a formal presentation on your proposal.
  5. Decision - If CCEF management determines that your proposal warrants support, then the investment manager will formally present your proposal for a decision by CCEF's advisory and CI's finance committees. The presentation will include a discussion of risks and benefits, as well as recommendations for levels of financing.
  6. Terms and Closing - Once the Finance Committee approves the investment and your company and CCEF have agreed to terms, CCEF will prepare closing documents.
  7. Continued Support - CCEF's investment in your business goes beyond dollars and cents. You can depend on us to support you in countless non-financial ways, including attendance at community meetings, advice on strategies, and introductions to potential partners.