Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Cities and towns across the state are eligible for “Connecticut Clean Energy Community” designation and a 1 kilowatt solar panel photovoltaic system by completing three steps:
  1. Commit to SmartPower's 20% by 2010 clean energy campaign.

  2. Sign on to the CTCleanEnergyOptions program either:

  3. • 10% of a community’s households;
    • 100 residential customers;
    • a commercial or industrial customer with
      1 gigawatt-hour clean energy demand;
    • 100 customers from a regional school district.

  4. Commit to allocating 100% of savings derived from the 1kW system to additional community purchases of clean power.
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By meeting the above criteria, your town or city can qualify for one or more free solar clean energy systems from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. Along with that system, your town will have real-time access to the performance and operations of that system. The 1st installation of such a system has been commissioned at Middletown High School. In the future, a school-based solar education program will be developed for Connecticut students.

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