There is a growing recognition that climate change and energy supply will be the most critical economic and environmental challenges that young people will face in their lifetimes. Most people do not understand the connection between those challenges and the way energy is used and produced in our society. CCEF and Clean Air-Cool Planet are tackling this disparity through the Clean Energy Climate Solutions Project.

The Clean Energy Climate Solutions (CECS) Project is a two-year initiative aimed at testing, evaluating, and adapting educational materials that will teach Connecticut residents about clean energy as an important solution to climate change.

The project is being supported with a $325,000 grant from CCEF and will be performed by the Connecticut Science Center Collaborative, under the direction of Clean Air - Cool Planet. The project represents a unique collaboration of individual science centers joining together to address the solutions to a statewide issue - climate change.

CCEF anticipates that this project, when completed and subsequently rolled out statewide, will educate tens of thousands of Connecticut museum-goers a year, and motivate them to use clean energy to combat climate change.

Year One - Test off-the-shelf clean energy education materials at 10 informal education centers. (See sidebar.)

Year Two - Evaluate the effectiveness of the materials when they are used by educators to teach that clean energy is a solution to climate change.

Next Step - Given a successful outcome in Years 1 and 2 additional funding will be provided to disseminate the educational materials to ten more science centers and museums in Connecticut.

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