Clean energy. It’s real. It’s here. It’s working. Let’s make more.

The 20% by 2010 Campaign is a challenge to cities and towns, to support clean energy.  Program participants pledge to obtain at least 20 percent of the electricity for all municipal facilities from clean renewable energy sources by the year 2010. Through the 20% by 2010 campaign, we will help to prove to all Connecticut citizens – and to the nation- that clean energy is real, its here and its working.


Here are three easy steps to help your city or town commit to the 20% by 2010 Campaign:

  1. Call CCEF at 860 563-0015 to coordinate a municipal clean energy resolution.
  2. Send a letter to a town official. Click Here.
  3. Click here to send a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper.



What are Connecticut's leaders saying?

“I believe that as people become familiar with the energy options that are available, more and more will decide to choose clean energy. Connecticut has adopted an aggressive Climate Change Action Plan and we are a leader in addressing clean air and climate change issues. As part of these efforts we have a goal of purchasing 20% of the state’s energy from clean sources by 2010.” - M. Jodi Rell, Governor of Connecticut

“We think it is a challenge [20% by 2010] that we will accomplish, and we are inviting other communities and consumers to join us. Even more significant is that I feel that the cities and places that will be competitive – will be those that focus on clean air and clean water." -John DeStefano Jr., Mayor, City of New Haven

“Embracing clean energy is an important step for all of our communities. It’s an investment in the state’s economy, in cleaner, healthier communities and in promoting a secure energy supply for the state. Clean energy is real, it’s here and it’s working for Connecticut” -Susan Bransfield, First Selectwoman, Town of Portland