The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) and the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) are investing in a $2 million partnership to showcase the science of clean energy generation and energy conservation in the new Connecticut Science Center that will be opened in Hartford in 2008. The funding commitment will enable the Connecticut Science Center to teach visitors about energy technologies in a cutting-edge facility that also employs those clean and efficient energy technologies in its own operations.

The Connecticut Science Center's 1,500 square foot exhibit area focuses on the themes of clean and efficient energy sources while furthering the core science framework standards in Connecticut schools.
Plans call for the exhibit to be situated at an upper-level concourse along with the Earth Science and Connecticut River galleries. Some of the goals of the exhibit are to:
  • Draw attention to the science center building itself - a "building that teaches;"

  • Allow visitors to create, observe, record, experiment, and understand the power of clean renewable energy and energy efficiency;

  • Offer tangible solutions that visitors can undertake to implement, transition, or advocate the use of clean and efficient energy in their own lives, within their communities; and

  • Recognize Connecticut as a national leader in the production and use of clean energy and energy conservation.


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