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Clean Energy Communities Tool-kit
The CT Clean Energy Communities program assists Connecticut cities and towns in the support of clean energy.
The Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program is a partnership involving the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, SmartPower, Community Energy, Sterling Planet, the Department of Public Utility Control, and the Office of Consumer Counsel. The program provides Connecticut communities an opportunity to support clean energy alongside its local residents, businesses, and institutions. The Connecticut Light and Power Company and The United Illuminating Company provide assistance to the partnership through the administration of the CTCleanEnergyOptionssm Program.
For officially qualified Connecticut Clean Energy Communities, here are three easy steps your city or town must take to begin the process for installing your solar PV system:
1. Have your town sign and return the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which was attached to the congratulations letter, back to the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.
2. Complete and attach the Clean Energy Community Information Sheet to the MOU and return it back to the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund; and
3. Work with the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund to plan a Solar Workshop for your town through the Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program [Sample Presentation]
Once your city or town has joined the SmartPower 20% by 2010 campaign, use this marketing toolkit to maximize clean energy customers in your town.
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  Who Should be Interested in this Program?
  • Mayors and First Selectmen
  • Town and City Managers
  • Public Works Directors
  • Economic Development Managers
  • Municipal and School Facilities Directors
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Connecticut Households
  • Local Environmental Advocates and Leaders
  Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How does a town demonstrate its commitment to the 20% x 2010 Clean Energy Campaign?
A: A town must demonstrate its commitment to the 20% x 2010 Clean Energy Campaign by:
Passing a municipal resolution that clearly states the commitment to 20% clean energy use by 2010 and that discusses required steps to make the commitment a reality
Officially announcing its commitment to the community through local press.
Q: How many customers must sign-up in order for a town to earn a free clean energy system?
A: Communities that meet the lesser of the following requirements will earn a free clean energy system ($10,000 minimum value):
Every 100 sign-ups to the CT clean energy choice option (each enrollment at the 50% level counts as 1/2 sign-up)
Every 1 GWh of energy demand through the CT
Every 10% of a given city or town’s households that sign-up for the CT clean energy choice option
Q: Is there a maximum amount of free clean energy systems a town can receive through this program?
A: No. As long as there is funding available to support this program, there is no limit to the amount of system installations a town can earn.
Q: When can the town start signing people up to earn the free clean energy systems?
A: “Immediately!  The CTCleanEnergyOptions program was launched in April 2005 in all CL&P and UI territories.   All current customers of the options program count towards the thresholds described above.  For suggestions on how to maximize the number of clean energy customers in your town, please refer to the marketing toolkit.
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