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SmartPower 20% by 2010
Clean Energy Customers to Date:
Customers: 30
% of Households: 4.66%
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Joined the 20% by 2010 Campaign:
August 2006View Resolution
Town Hall Address & Website:
19 Maple Avenue
Norfolk CT 06058
Local Clean Energy Contact:
Mary Fanette
Phone: 860-542-1865
Fax: 860-542-5438
20% by 2010 Clean Energy Campaign Progress:

The Town of Norfolk uses 352,000 kwh of electricity per year for all municipal facilities. Therefore, their 20% clean energy use target is 70,400 kwh in 2010. To date, they have met approximately 10% of that goal through the mandatory amount as required by the state Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). Norfolk has yet to make a voluntary clean energy purchase.

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Town Description:

Norfolk, a small, rural town, is located in the Northwest corner of Connecticut's Litchfield County. It is approximately 30,000 acres in size and has a population of less than 1,500. About 35% of its land is protected and another 35% is under 490 restrictions. It has much open space, forests, and streams and is admired for its scenic, rural beauty. Each summer it hosts the Yale Summer School of Music and the Norfolk Chamber Music Fesitival, and during the year the Norfolk Library is the cultural center of the town. Norfolk has several antique stores in its downtown area, restaurants, and a general store. The town also has three state parks within its boundaries: Haystack Mountain, Dennis Hill, Wood Creek Pond and Campbell Falls, and about fifteen miles of hiking trails maintained by the Norfolk Land Trust. We also have a very active volunteer community in Norfolk.

Local Press Coverage:
Norfolk joins state program for power - Town 2nd in county to opt for clean fuel    Friday August 4th, 2006
"The Norfolk Board of Selectmen felt it very important to support Connecticut's 20% by 2010 campaign for clean energy. It is an opportunity to support alternative/renewable energy sources from which we can all benefit."
Sue Dyer
First Selectman
"Working together through the leadership of our elected officials and our Energy Task Force, we, as individuals, are reducing the emission of harmful gasses that result in global warming. Promoting the production of electricity from a renewable energy source not only reduces our dependency upon foreign oil, untreated coal and gas, but demonstrates in a quantifiable manner our dedication to providing future generations with a healthy, clean environment."
Hank Tremblay
"We are particularly interested in the Clean Energy Communities program that allows the town to qualify for a free solar photovoltaic system for every 100 (or 10%) of citizens to sign up for CT Clean Energy Options. Our local schools are an excellent candidate to receive such a system, and we are fortunate to have Kate Johnson, architect and Chair of the Board of Education, on our Energy Task Force."
Libby Borden
EDC Chair
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