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Not yet SmartPower 20% by 2010 Community
Clean Energy Customers to Date:
Customers: 5.5
% of Households: 0.79%
Joined the 20% by 2010 Campaign:
Hartland has not yet committed to the SmartPower 20% by 2010 Clean Energy Campaign. When Hartland commits to 20% clean energy use by 2010 and also achieves 100 signups of the CTCleanEnergyOptions program, Hartland will then be eligible to receive a FREE solar panel from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. If you are interested in having your town join the SmartPower 20% by 2010 Campaign call us now!
SmartPower Contact Information:
Bob Wall, New England Regional Director
Keri Enright, Program Coordinator
Phone: 860-249-7040
Town Hall Address & Website:
22 South Road
Hartland CT 06027
Town Description:

Hartland is a small town located in the Hartford County with a population of only 1,900 covering 34.5 sq. miles. Hartland is located in northwest Connecticut on the Massachusetts border was originally part of the Western Lands allotted to Hartford in 1687. It was established in May of 1761. The town's history is one of gradual and difficult cultivation of lands not naturally suited to agriculture. The elevation of the hills makes the pastures especially susceptible to heavy frosts, and early inhabitants had to drive their young livestock to other towns for grazing during parts of the year. These circumstances bred a particular hardy sort of pioneer.

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