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Not yet SmartPower 20% by 2010 Community
Clean Energy Customers to Date:
Customers: 5
% of Households: 0.92%
Joined the 20% by 2010 Campaign:
Eastford has not yet committed to the SmartPower 20% by 2010 Clean Energy Campaign. When Eastford commits to 20% clean energy use by 2010 and also achieves 100 signups of the CTCleanEnergyOptions program, Eastford will then be eligible to receive a FREE solar panel from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. If you are interested in having your town join the SmartPower 20% by 2010 Campaign call us now!
SmartPower Contact Information:
Bob Wall, New England Regional Director
Keri Enright, Program Coordinator
Phone: 860-249-7040
Town Hall Address & Website:
16 Westford Road
P.O. Box 98
Eastford CT 06242
Town Description:

Eastford is our home. We love our town for many reasons; its fields, forests and rural character; its small-town atmosphere and friendly people, its history and its charm.

Eastford is changing, and like all small towns, will continue to change. As Eastford grows, the Conservation and Historic Preservation Commission (CHPC) is working to ensure that our natural and historic resources are conserved and that as we build what needs to be built, we celebrate our history and environment by protecting our resources for future generations.

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