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East Haven
Not yet SmartPower 20% by 2010 Community
Clean Energy Customers to Date:
Customers: 40.5
% of Households: 0.37%
Joined the 20% by 2010 Campaign:
East Haven has not yet committed to the SmartPower 20% by 2010 Clean Energy Campaign. When East Haven commits to 20% clean energy use by 2010 and also achieves 100 signups of the CTCleanEnergyOptions program, East Haven will then be eligible to receive a FREE solar panel from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. If you are interested in having your town join the SmartPower 20% by 2010 Campaign call us now!
SmartPower Contact Information:
Bob Wall, New England Regional Director
Keri Enright, Program Coordinator
Phone: 860-249-7040
Town Hall Address & Website:
250 Main Street
East Haven CT 06512
Local Clean Energy Supporters:
Super Wash Laundry- CTCleanEnergyOptions - Community Energy
Whalers Point Association- CTCleanEnergyOptions - Sterling Planet
Town Description:

This area, purchased by the Reverend John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton in1638, was later known as East Farms. It was obtained from Indian sachems Momaugin and Mantowese. In 1639 Thomas Gregson, the first landowner, purchased Solitary Cove, later called Morris Cove. The first Connecticut ironworks was located in 1655 by Lake Saltonstall, formerly named Lonotononket, then Furnace Pond. East Farms became knows as Iron Works Village, the third iron industry in the New England colonies.

Jacob Heminway, the original Yale student, served as the first pastor (1704-1754) of the Congregational Church. In 1774 the Old Stone Church was erected; its first minister was Nicholas Street.

This area was invaded in 1779 by British General William Tryon. During the Revolutionary War, Lafayette encamped on the Green, revisiting it in 1824.

In 1881 Fair Haven, Granniss Corners, and Morris Cove were ceded to New Haven. The Roosevelt Turkey Oak, a gift from President Theodore Roosevelt, was planted on the Green in 1908.

The initial town meeting (1785) named Isaac Chidsey First Selectman. The town became a city during the 1970ís under Mayor Francis W. Messina.

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