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SmartPower 20% by 2010
Clean Energy Customers to Date:
Customers: 38
% of Households: 2.28%
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Joined the 20% by 2010 Campaign:
August 2005View Resolution
Town Hall Address & Website:
40 Peck Road
Bethany CT 06524
Local Clean Energy Contact:
Isabel Kearns
Phone: (203) 393-2100 x119
20% by 2010 Clean Energy Campaign Progress:

The Town of Bethany uses 800,000 kwh of electricity per year for all municipal facilities. Therefore, their 20% clean energy use target is 160,000 kwh in 2010. To date, they have met approximately 8% of that goal through the mandatory amount as required by the state Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). Bethany has yet to make a voluntary clean energy purchase.

Community Innovations Grants:
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Watt Watchers
This two-day program will teach students and teachers in Grades 5 & 6 how to analyze their electricity use in their schools, identify opportunities to save energy, calculate kWh and dollar savings for each action, and to present this information to the school administration and custodial staff.
Contact Carol Wilson for more information
Project Deadline: Completed
Connecticut Energy Council for Teachers Energy Presentation - A Bethany Public Forum on Energy
This 1.5 hour presentation will promote clean energy and increase awareness of renewable energy in the community. The presentation will feature visuals, discussion, and Q&A.; There will be segments on the 20% by 2010 campaign and distribution of CTCleanEnergyOptions sign-up forms during and after the forum. This forum will be held in a community facility such as a library, town hall, or school.
Contact George Messier for more information
Project Deadline: TBD
Town Description:

The beautiful town of Bethany in south central Connecticut covers 21.6 square miles and is home to approximately 4,800 residents. Bethany was first settled in 1717 but it was not until May 1832 before Bethany separated from Woodbridge to become incorporated as a town. This slightly remote, sparsely populated, residential town retains its rural character. There is some dairying and agriculture. The town is dotted with reservoirs serving Naugatuck and, principally, New Haven.

Local Press Coverage:
Bethany, Cheshire Team Up to Promote Green Energy    Saturday February 11th, 2006
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