Buys Down Cost of Large-scale Clean Energy Generation Projects

Modification to the On-Site Renewable DG Program – Commercial Solar/For Profit Project Incentive - Effective April 1, 2008.

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund’s On-Site Renewable DG Program provides flexible, integrated-technology financial support to stimulate demand for behind-the-meter installations of renewable energy at Connecticut commercial, industrial and institutional (CI&I) buildings.

Funding is available for installations of generation from wind, solar, fuel cells, biomass, landfill gas, and certain types of hydropower.

Facilities subsidized by this program include:

South Windsor High School (Fuel Cell)
Yale University (Fuel Cell)
St. Francis Hospital (Fuel Cell)
Whole Foods Market
Fairfield Water Pollution Control Authority
Talcott Mountain Science Center
Centerbrook Architects 


  1. Review of Submitted Application
  2. CCEF evaluation, due diligence, and financial analysis
  3. Determination and notification of  level of support
  4. Applicant decision to proceed
  5. Connecticut Clean Energy Advisory Committee review and Clean Energy Investment Committee approval.

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