The links below list CCEF's Programs and Funding Opportunities of interest to businesses and developers.

Businesses and Developers
Project 150 – Made possible though legislation that requires the state's electric distribution companies to enter into minimum 10-year contracts for not less than 100 MW of Class I renewable capacity, this initiative is designed to encourage financing of renewable energy projects, stimulate the development of new projects, and increase the available supply of renewable energy.

On-Site Renewable DG Program – The On-site Renewable Distributed Generation Program is a $32.75 million flexible, integrated-technology financial support program designed to stimulate demand for behind-the-meter installations of renewable energy at Commercial, Industrial and Institutional buildings in Connecticut.

Operational Demonstration Program – This program was created to encourage the deployment of innovative renewable generation technologies in Connecticut. Commercialization of these technologies will help to create and grow a vibrant renewable energy industry with accompanying jobs in the State.

Solar PV Rebate Program – Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems utilize clean, renewable energy from the sun to produce electricity. Learn about the rebates available through participating installers.

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