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Why Clean Energy is Different

Clean energy is power generated from a clean or renewable resource, such as wind, solar, fuel cells and tides. Unlike fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, clean energy doesn't pollute the environment or use up vast quantities of natural resources that can never be replaced. Yet it costs about the same as energy produced from fossil fuels.

How Clean Energy Creates a Cleaner World

Producing electricity from fossil fuels is the single greatest cause of air and water pollution and the greenhouse gasses that are altering the Earth's climate. Generating power from clean sources means lower emissions, less pollution and better health for people, plants and animals around the world.

Explore the World of Clean Energy

New clean energy technologies, products and services are emerging every day. Use these links to access more information about this fast-growing industry, including a list of certified clean energy suppliers.

Use the links at right to find our more about your clean energy options.



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