The New Clean Energy Fund

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund will be embarking on a new adventure, with a new name. There is a great blog, titled “Banking on Green Growth in Connecticut,” about the newly constituted Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) on The New Republic blog.

Read The New Republic blog post here.

Jocelyn Anastasiou
Project Associate, Education & Outreach


The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) is proud to announce that two of the top high school winners from the CCEF-sponsored Alternative/Renewable Energy category at the 2011 Connecticut Science Fair moved on to compete and win in international science and sustainability competitions.

Bridget Oei

In the Connecticut competition, Bridget Oei, a ninth grade student from [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Green Energy at the Connecticut Science Fair

The Connecticut Science Fair begins tomorrow March 16th. Bob Wisner, the Fair Director, is our first featured writer of the year.

More than 15,000 students from Connecticut and several bordering New York state towns have competed at local science fairs during the current school year. The top 500 middle and high school participants will showcase [...]

Students are taking “hands-on” to a whole new level

E-House tour at E.C. Goodwin Technical High School

Earlier this week Pat Ciarleglio and Ray Mencio, both with the Connecticut Technical High School System, served as tour guides for staff members from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) and the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) who came to the technical high schools to witness the [...]


Last week, 350 EARTH launched the world’s first ever global climate art project. Artists and citizens from around the world showcased their art installations (some large enough to be seen from space) to illustrate their vision of what climate change means to them, with hopes of improving conditions. The outpouring of [...]


As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we are infinitely grateful for those who have helped to build model sustainable communities throughout Connecticut.

Many of the unsung heroes serve quietly behind the scenes. At the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, the Legal, Accounting and Marketing teams provide vital support for our programs but are seldom seen or heard [...]

Tales from the Other Portland

Portland, Oregon, the City of Roses, is indeed an American Beauty. Beyond the thriving music and arts scene, the abundant microbreweries and coffee houses and Powell’s City of Books, there is a first-class sustainable transportation system that’s big on light rail and bicycles. And then there is the city’s strong commitment to clean [...]

10/10/10 - My Global Work Party

The world unfolds differently on a bicycle. It’s like getting inside the mind of a cartographer; bends in the roads and intersections of streets suddenly make more sense. I am travelling on Fairfield Avenue from my hometown of Fairfield into my new city of dreams, Bridgeport. The signs on the buildings reflect the diversity of [...]

It Starts with One

In 1986, Linda Maraniss took a trip with her husband to the Texas coast. While there, she strolled along the South Padre Island only to become dismayed at the amounts of trash surrounding her. Inclined to change this, Linda returned to work at the Center for Environmental Education (now known as the Ocean [...]

How Green Is My Hotel?

A growing number of consumers are applying a “green lens” to their choices of vehicles, appliances, food and other products. Now, Connecticut residents have a convenient source for determining which hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts are considered the most sustainable. The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Connecticut Commission on Culture & [...]