September 24 is Moving Day – for the whole planet.

“Moving Planet – A Day to Move beyond Fossil Fuels” is the latest international day of action sponsored by, a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. Founded by author Bill McKibben, the organization takes its name from the level of carbon dioxide in [...]


Last week, 350 EARTH launched the world’s first ever global climate art project. Artists and citizens from around the world showcased their art installations (some large enough to be seen from space) to illustrate their vision of what climate change means to them, with hopes of improving conditions. The outpouring of [...]

10/10/10 - My Global Work Party

The world unfolds differently on a bicycle. It’s like getting inside the mind of a cartographer; bends in the roads and intersections of streets suddenly make more sense. I am travelling on Fairfield Avenue from my hometown of Fairfield into my new city of dreams, Bridgeport. The signs on the buildings reflect the diversity of [...]

Time to Get to Work!

Last October, a movement spread across the globe focused on a single mission: Restoring our atmosphere with a safe level of carbon dioxide—350 parts per million. has organized over 5,200 events in more than 180 countries all in support of this call to action for climate change.

This year, has joined with 10:10, a [...]