On Your Mark, Get Set, Go Solar!

Connecticut Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) sponsored a Solar Speedway summer learning program for children in Grades 5 and up at the Discovery Museum and Planetarium of Bridgeport. The program featured exciting lessons and hands-on activities focused on alternative energy resources including solar photovoltaics and wind energy.

During the program, student teams worked to assemble solar-powered go-karts, which they raced on Friday afternoon, July 29. The races were not for speed; they were for endurance. Students were testing which karts would run for the longest time. Student teams were assigned with developing procedures for charging and running their karts to maximize solar-energy capture and efficiency. The students had a great time zooming around in the solar go-karts. Bryan Garcia, president of CEFIA, and Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch were present for the races.

The students attending this program put together great projects explaining climate change, solar energy and wind energy. An informal display of their projects will be at the Discovery Museum for two weeks through August 12. The Museum is located at 4450 Park Avenue in Bridgeport.

CEFIA’s sponsorship of the event covered the purchase of solar go-karts, scholarships for participating students and program materials.

“Solar Speedway is a wonderful summer program that is inspiring the next generation of clean energy users, researchers and developers,” said Garcia. “We are thrilled to support such a vibrant and engaging initiative! Citizens today are just beginning to embrace alternative ways of generating electricity and powering cars. The next generation will expect and demand clean energy solutions, thanks to enhanced understanding and expanding options. Their support of clean energy will ensure a healthier environment, ensure our nation’s energy independence, and create new green jobs for our economy.”

Jocelyn Anastasiou
Project Associate, CEFIA

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