CCEF Live on the Air

On May 25, 2011, Christin Cifaldi, project manager for CCEF’s solar photovoltaic programs, was a guest on WNPR’s Colin McEnroe radio show. She was joined by Tony Silverio, from Silverio Mechanical in Old Saybrook, and George Keithan, with Consulting Engineering Services in Middletown, during the 60-minute program’s live broadcast.

The show was intended to answer questions about ways Connecticut residents could adapt their homes to increase energy efficiency and incorporate alternative energy sources. Click here to visit WNPR’s website and listen to a recording of the show.

Christin Cifaldi
Project Manager

11 comments to CCEF Live on the Air

  • Kat

    great! a lot of people don’t have time to read a website so this is a great way to answer all the questions people have about home energy efficiency/ renewables!

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