As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we are infinitely grateful for those who have helped to build model sustainable communities throughout Connecticut.

Many of the unsung heroes serve quietly behind the scenes. At the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, the Legal, Accounting and Marketing teams provide vital support for our programs but are seldom seen or heard by the public. Similarly, countless municipal government employees, particularly in Public Works and School Facilities departments, work miracles in their communities every day without fanfare. Their contributions routinely improve the quality of life in their towns and save taxpayers money.

We also salute our CTCleanEnergyOptions collaborators: the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control, Connecticut Light & Power, United Illuminating, Sterling Planet and Community Energy. Numerous environmental non-profit organizations, including Clean Water Fund, People’s Action for Clean Energy, Sierra Club and SmartPower, have provided significant outreach and education to spread the word about the many benefits of clean energy. For the past six years, these entities have worked with CCEF to develop a nationally-ranked green power program.

Various state and federal agencies support sustainability efforts at the local level. The Governor’s Steering Committee on Climate Change, comprised of the Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Policy & Management, Department of Administrative Services, Department of Transportation, the DPUC and CCEF, helps to provide solutions to climate change to municipal governments, businesses and individuals. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also lends direct support to our Communities program through complementary initiatives such as the Community Energy Challenge and Green Power Communities programs.

Our educational and workforce development programs have been enriched immensely by partners such as the State Department of Education, our community colleges and technical high schools, the Institute for Sustainable Energy and Connecticut Business and Industry Association. The Connecticut Science Center and the Connecticut Science Center Collaborative enhance these efforts with cutting-edge exhibits and teaching workshops. We are particularly grateful to the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, which has helped to fund and cross-promote endeavors to make our state energy smart.

We sincerely appreciate the workers who build, design and install the renewable energy systems that now shine like jewels on our beautiful landscape. Connecticut is blessed with abundant natural resources and it is fitting that we are once again harnessing the power of the sun, water and wind. The growing community of solar installers, wind developers and fuel cell manufacturers creates the foundation for a vibrant green economy in our state.

Finally, we give special thanks to the clean energy leaders in our Clean Energy Communities. Those elected officials and task force volunteers have catalyzed a clean energy revolution in Connecticut. And yet, as First Selectman Gordon Ridgeway so eloquently stated at an event held in Cornwall Town Hall last week, the real heroes of this movement are the people in the communities who have signed up for clean energy or installed solar electric systems on their homes and businesses.

To all of Connecticut’s clean energy movers and shakers, we offer our heartfelt gratitude and wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

Bob Wall
Director, Energy Market Initiatives

2 comments to NOW BE THANKFUL

  • well, that’s a good way to start things off…
    we only live in one planet.
    Don’t just let your business or your job make something for you, let it make something of you.

  • Sonya Osbourne

    We were thinking about getting some solar power panels for our property a year ago. The only problem was the price tag. The lowest priced solar system we found was close to 15 thousand dollars. It might have taken us years to recoup that amount. Anyways, we happened across these instructions for building your own solar power panels. We decided to have a shot at that way. It saved us quite a bit of dollars, and the totally free, efficient energy is great! We power a number of of our appliances off this grid.

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