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The NYTimes Advertisement July 13, 2010

As if we needed another reason to support clean energy, the situation in the Gulf of Mexico has brought home the tragic consequences of our nation’s addiction to oil. Accordingly, we thought that Connecticut’s clean energy leaders would want to learn about a cool new project led by our friends at SmartPower.

We’ve been watching the Gulf oil spill closely, and it’s a relief to hear that BP has made progress toward permanently sealing their leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico. But sadly, this disaster isn’t over – and the road to clean-up and economic recovery in the Gulf region will be a long one.

But once the beaches are clean, and once the sidelined shrimpers and fisherman can return to sea and haul in a healthy catch, we’ll be nowhere closer to preventing another Gulf disaster unless we reduce our nation’s crippling dependence on fossil fuels.

This is the lesson that My Gulf Action hopes to convey in the wake of the spill. Anyone who visits and creates a free account will get dozens of personalized suggestions for reducing his or her own use of fossil fuels. Whether it’s biking to work, taking a shorter shower, or buying a more energy efficient dishwasher, every action you take to reduce your energy use translates to gallons of oil conserved – and every gallon conserved across the site as a whole is aggregated on the homepage, showing how many gallons of oil in the Gulf have been offset by the My Gulf Action community.

My Gulf Action is a project of SmartPower, a D.C. based non-profit marketing firm dedicated to promoting clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency (and which got its start right here in Connecticut!). Several leading environmental and clean energy organizations – including, Clean Water Action, League of Conservation Voters, Waterkeeper Alliance,, Center for Resource Solutions, and Gulf Future, a joint initiative of the Gulf Coast Fund and Gulf Restoration Network – have joined the effort to promote the site online and to their memberships.

For more information about My Gulf Action, check them out on Twitter (@MyGulfAction) or Facebook. And tell your friends to join the site! The more users that join, the more gallons of oil are offset. And nothing would send a stronger message to our elected leaders about our demands for clean energy than a complete offset of the BP spill’s effects.

If you or your organization are interested in funding or partnering with My Gulf Action, contact Marissa Newhall (

Guest Blogger:

Brian F. Keane

President, SmartPower

2 comments to Let’s See Action!

  • Joseph Cancelliere

    On June 7, 2010 the PV system on our summer cottage was activated and my family is just giddy about the amount of electrical energy we are generating, and the environment we are saving. This really hits home every time we say the amount of oil discharged into open waters in the Gulf.

    Our leaders in Washington have pledged a restructuring and rebuilding of our energy infrastructure based on green alternate energy systems, and in the process has encouraged businesses and homeowners to do the same. The grants and tax credits we get from the local and federal governments serve as an incentive to invest in those systems.

    I made that investment, only to find out that our Federal Tax code provides tax credits for primary homes only. My primary home will not support an alternate energy system, for reasons that are too lenghty to explain in this e-mail. My seasonal home will, and I was glad to include a PV system in the re-build of that property.

  • Joseph Cancelliere

    If our government truely wants homeowners to seek alternate energy systems, to lessen the national demand on fossil fuels, then they should support, with tax credits, any system, on any structure, first home or second home. Every business man has a home, and he will be allowed tax incentives for an alternate energy system on his home and his business. Our goverment must get serious about alternate energy systems and provide real incentives that are accessible to all.

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