The Greening of Connecticut’s Workforce

The stars are really starting to align for local communities and businesses. In Connecticut, a group of energy conscious leaders representing a wide range of organizations has been meeting frequently to plan how to best present energy career awareness to the state. The CCEF is part of the Energy Workforce Development Consortium (EWDC) subcommittee for Career Awareness together with representatives of electric utilities, business and industry, and schools (K-adult). The EWDC has a goal of connecting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education with future jobs related to energy efficiency and renewable technologies. STEM is a core subject focus in K-12 education and plays a central role within the Connecticut Community College system too.

The EWDC is supporting the local economy and our sustainable communities by piecing together curriculum, contacts, scholarships, mentorships, training opportunities and companies. It is also creating a database of resources to help teachers connect with businesses and businesses, in turn, to connect with future employees. Although much work remains, the resource database should be launched soon, helping communities throughout the state to build a vibrant green economy.

It is important to note that such a future will not happen in a vacuum. Our community-based clean energy task forces are playing a crucial role by stimulating the voluntary market for clean energy through signups for CTCleanEnergyOptions℠ and the installation of renewable systems, such as solar PV and solar thermal. Similarly, city and town residents are accelerating the adoption of energy-efficient equipment and building components and other sustainability measures in their communities.

To understand how the local economy and energy career pathways connect, check out this video from the CBIA Education Foundation:

Beth Piggush
Program Manager

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