The Alfandre Rule

The town of Easton recently dedicated a 5 kW solar PV array at the Samuel Staples Elementary School. It was a typically buoyant affair, highlighted by two of tomorrow’s clean energy leaders reading essays on the importance of clean energy.

During my remarks, I noted that the CCEF had adopted “the Alfandre Rule” in honor of the chair of Easton’s Clean Energy Task Force, Cathy Alfandre, who was also a featured speaker at the ceremony. Back in 2008, Cathy had inquired whether a residential solar electric system earned any points for a town under the Clean Energy Communities program. “Unfortunately,” I replied, “it did not. But you raise an excellent point.”

Cathy Alfandre, chair of Easton Clean Energy Task Force

Why not recognize local clean energy systems? Those homeowners and businesses that install solar or other clean energy systems are helping to create the ultimate sustainable community by generating renewable energy right in their own backyards (or roof tops). The capital investment by system owners – even with generous rebates from CCEF and applicable tax credits – is significant and deserving of recognition.

Accordingly, we decided to award three points for any local clean energy system funded by the CCEF. Furthermore, this opportunity was extended to apply to solar thermal and geothermal systems made possible by the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act (ARRA) state energy program grant to the CCEF. For the latest information on CCEF rebates, please visit:

So to all Clean Energy Task Force members… please keep trying to get signups for the CTCleanEnergyOptions program but don’t forget that you can also earn points for clean energy systems. Thank all of those neighbors, businesses and institutions that are supporting clean energy within your community. And don’t forget to thank Cathy Alfandre, who helped make a good program even better.


Municipality Clean Energy Systems Clean Energy System Points
Stonington 42 126
Milford 33 99
New Haven 33 99
Branford 28 84
Mansfield 25 75
Westport 25 75
Fairfield 23 69
Waterford 23 69
Middletown 22 66
Greenwich 21 63
Newtown 21 63

Bob Wall
Director, Energy Market Initiatives

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