By the Time We Got to Woodstock

Not that Woodstock. We’re talking about the town in the northeastern corner of Connecticut that became the first in the state to purchase 100% clean energy for all municipal facilities. That mighty feat earned Woodstock a bonus 3 kW of solar PV from CCEF!

The Woodstock Clean Energy Task Force (along with compatriots from surrounding towns) turned out in force at the eWaste event sponsored recently by the town and garnered more than 20 new signups to CTCleanEnergyOptions. CCEF’s SolarOne Harvester was on display there, demonstrating solar electricity and promoting clean energy.

Your task force can also promote clean energy at hazardous waste collection days, election primaries and other local events that attract concerned citizens. (We suggest that you please seek permission first from town officials.)

You can read about Woodstock’s successful event at the Clean Energy for Connecticut blog.

Bob Wall
Director, Energy Market Initiatives

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