Get on the Repower Wall

Connecticut Clean Energy Communities can join the more than 15,000 clean energy activists around the country in the Alliance for Climate Protection’s Repower America campaign to support action on clean energy job creation and stabilization of our energy independence – and to solve the climate crisis. The Repower America campaign’s effort focuses on a virtual “Repower Wall.” You can add your voice and share your message of support through video or a photo and become part of the virtual Wall. Your message will also assist the campaign’s efforts on TV, on billboards or in print media that will go directly to elected officials. Thousands of grassroots supporters, as well as faith, military, environmental leaders and businesses, have joined the RePower Wall and you can too!

Repower America was launched in 2008 as a bold plan to “repower” our country with 100% clean electricity and revitalize our national energy infrastructure. At its core, Repower America stands for the importance of investing in energy efficiency; clean, renewable and diversified energy sources; a unified national smart energy grid that connects these renewable energy sources to every part of the country; and clean car technology.

And so we challenge the many communities, residents, businesses and institutions throughout Connecticut that are supporting clean energy: Get on the Wall and Be Heard! Access the Repower Wall at

We want to keep track of Connecticut submissions, so please let us know if you submit (or already have submitted) a video or photo to this project by writing to:

Jillian Carbone
Program Associate

2 comments to Get on the Repower Wall

  • OIL = Capital. With the 70′s there was a period time when American citizens could only invest in gas on odd or even days depending on matching the last digit of their license plate. There was outrage and concern then and proponents of choice power sources spoke out. Their warnings were unheeded. Fast forward 40 decades. We are paying the price for greedy oil companies and lawmakers who profit from great oil. The bp disaster is what happens when corporations are greedy and will stop at nothing to make that income! An investment in Natural Electricity can be a necessity. Americans have been told it will not be conceivable to make a superb auto that doesn’t run on gas. We are already told you can find limitations to Natural Vitality. We are already told that we need to have oil to survive. We are actually told, “No, You Can’t.” This is actually a nation of inventors, brilliant many people who CAN make Green Stamina and green energy work for us. We have to break the strangle hold that significant oil has on our government and our lives. IF we survive the bp oil disaster, we Must Alteration.

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