Why Go Clean?

Clean energy benefits everyone: families, communities, businesses, the state, and the world.

It makes sense

Clean energy provides an effective solution for meeting the growing demand for power while reducing emissions that cause air pollution and greenhouse gases. At the same time, clean energy promises to lower consumer energy bills in the long run, and improve the reliability and security of the nation's energy system.

Helps America become energy-independent

The U.S. imports 56 % of the oil we depend on. Developing alternative energy sources helps us to be self-sufficient, and ensures an uninterrupted supply of affordable, clean energy.

Helps encourage future renewable energy solutions

Buying clean power encourages businesses, governments, scientists and others to develop practical, economical technologies for generating power for decades to come.

If you're a customer of The Connecticut Light & Power Company or The United Illuminating Company, now you have the power to choose clean energy!

Through the CTCleanEnergyOptions program, your energy dollars pay for electricity production from cleaner sources such as wind and small, low-impact hydro power.

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