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Powerful Innovations for Connecticut’s Energy Future

Energy is one of the most critical issues of our time. Science, world events and price volatility are forcing us to face a stark reality: Continued total reliance on fossil fuels threatens our health, our economy, and our way of life, and could rob our children of a promising future.

Yet energy from fossil fuels is so ingrained in our experience that it’s difficult to envision a world powered by other sources. And, with no model to follow, it’s harder still to know how to create a vibrant clean energy industry and make clean energy a way of life.

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund is determined to meet these challenges. Clean energy technologies are working today, and with the right support, these technologies can develop to help meet the world’s energy needs. CCEF is working with manufacturers and developers in innovative ways to advance clean energy technologies, make more clean energy available, and educate consumers to choose clean energy.

As we work with the innovators, together we are blazing new trails and creating a roadmap for others to follow. The journey to a clean energy world requires originality, commitment and sustained, long-term effort. But it is a journey we are eager to make, so that the people of Connecticut may enjoy prosperity, health and security for generations to come.

Timothy Bowles

Chairman, Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Advisory Committee