Solar Thermal Program


This web page is for informational purposes only.  CCEF has not yet launched a solar thermal program and IS NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for solar thermal. Information about the launch of the program will be posted on the CCEF home page so please check back regularly for updates.



Using funds received as part of the federal economic stimulus package (under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – ARRA) to stimulate the development of renewable energy and green jobs in Connecticut, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) plans to introduce a solar thermal domestic hot water incentive program on or about August 1, 2009.   Click here to download the Public Overview of the Proposed Solar Thermal Program.


On June 26, CCEF hosted a public dialogue session at which it received comments about its proposed solar thermal domestic hot water program. The meeting was held in the Community Room at the Rocky Hill Town Hall from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 26.  There was a brief overview of the program and its objectives, and then the meeting was opened to questions and comments from the audience.  All interested persons are invited to attend.


Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation. You may also view a video of the public dialog session below.



Because this new incentive program will be funded exclusively by the federal government, applications will be open to all Connecticut homeowners, businesses or organizations who wish to install solar domestic hot water (DHW) heating systems.  Incentives will be available for both new construction and for existing buildings (retrofits).  Solar hot water systems for space heating or pool heating will not be eligible for incentives.  Funding is expected to last for approximately 32 months, during which the results will be evaluated for possible continuation under CCEF funding.


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CCEF Public Overview of Proposed Solar Thermal Program - June 26, 2009