Program Requirements

Buying a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a big decision, and you should do your homework before making a commitment. We encourage you to download our Connecticut Consumer's Guide to Buying a Solar Electric System.


Once you decide to install a solar PV system, here is how the rebate process works:


1. Select an Approved Contractor

Homeowner must use a CCEF Approved Contractor to qualify for a rebate. Review our list of Approved Contractors. The contractor will review your project with you, provide information on solar PV systems and assist you with CCEF’s rebate application process.


As with any significant purchase, homeowners should shop around when considering a solar PV system, check references, seek as much information as possible and obtain multiple quotes.


2. Understand Program Requirements

  • Each Connecticut resident is eligible to receive a rebate for a solar PV system up to 10 kWAC under the Residential Solar PV Rebate Program.
  • All solar equipment installed must be new and listed on the California Energy Commission list of eligible equipment.
  • Panels must come with a 20-year warranty. Inverters and installation must be warranted for at least five years.
  • Systems must be sized to produce no more than 100% of homeowner's annual average electrical consumption (exceptions only for documented geothermal installations).
  • Rebate approval must be secured before installation begins. Systems that are already under construction will not be approved for a rebate.


3. Apply to CCEF

The Approved Contractor will process all of the solar rebate paperwork and submit an application on behalf of the homeowner.


4. Install Solar PV System

Once your rebate application is approved by CCEF, the Approved Contractor will install your solar PV system.


5. Inspect Solar PV System

  • Municipal inspection: the local authority having jurisdiction will inspect your solar PV system.
  • Utility inspection: the utility company will inspect the solar PV system and authorize its connection to the electrical grid.
  • CCEF inspection: CCEF reserves the right to inspect the system. A CCEF third party inspector may be assigned to inspect your solar PV system.


6. Payment of Rebate

Upon satisfactory inspection, CCEF will pay the rebate directly to the Approved Contractor. Rebates must be passed on, in full, to homeowners as an upfront price reduction.

7. Reporting and Public Outreach

Homeowners are required to report data to CCEF at least two times per year for the first two years after installation. Additionally, homeowners must collaborate with CCEF should they prepare any press release or plan any news conference related to the PV system. Click here to download the Residential Solar Photovoltaic Bi-Annual Production Data Report.