How the Solar Rebate Process Works

Buying a solar PV system is a big decision, and you should do your homework before making a commitment. We encourage you to download our Connecticut Consumer's Guide to Buying a Solar Electric System.

Once you decide to install a solar PV system, here is how the rebate process works:

  • Review our list of eligible installers and choose one or more from whom you would like to get a quote.
  • Contact the eligible installer(s) you have chosen and schedule a site visit.  The installer will come to your home, discuss the different types of solar that are available and give you a quote.
  • The eligible installer will process all of the solar rebate paperwork for you.
  • Once your application is approved, the eligible installer will install your solar PV system.  Click here to see photos of residential solar installations.
  • The local authority having jurisdiction will inspect your solar PV system.
  • Your utility company will inspect the solar PV system and authorize its connection to the electrical grid.
  • The CCEF will inspect your solar PV system.
  • Upon satisfactory inspection, CCEF will pay the rebate to your eligible installer.