Become an Installer

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) is seeking applications from solar photovoltaic installers interested in participating in the Solar PV Rebate Program.  We invite you to participate in our Solar PV Rebate Program to install solar energy projects on residences, non-profit and governmental sites. This Program Request for Qualifications is intended to promote the development of the clean energy technology industry in Connecticut by making funds available for the installation of solar PV projects sized 10 kW and under.


CCEF will evaluate applications based on the following factors and Eligible Installers will be selected at the sole discretion of CCEF.  We receive numerous inquires on the requisite experience to become an eligible installer. Some of the major requisite experience highlights are included below:


Click here to download the Request for Qualifications for Solar PV Firms, CCEF-PV-05-004-A.



Required Training and Experience

  • A CT licensed PV-1 or an E-1 electrician must be included on the application.  The E-1 may be on staff or listed as a subcontractor.
  • A “Qualified Installer” is an installation supervisor who has taken a PV installation training course and has completed at least three installations as the lead installer or ten installations as an apprentice.
  • "Provisional Installer" - As of January 22, 2009, a PV-1 or an E-1 licensed electrician who installs a grid-tied PV system to their home (or business) can use this installation as (1) of their (3) requisite system installations.  Documentation and specifications of the system(s) installation is required.
  • As of January 4, 2010, the CCEF will require all approved eligible PV contractors to have at least one permanent employee successfully complete and pass the NABCEP entry level PV exam. This is in addition to CCEF’s existing eligibility requirements and the State of Connecticut’s licensure requirements for solar PV installations.  See below for more information.


New Information


The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund would like to announce a ‘Solar Rebate’ incentive program change, under education and training requirements.


Current approved eligible PV contractors will have a grace period of one year (January 4, 2011) to complete this training requirement. Failure to submit the NABCEP certificate documentation to CCEF by January 4, 2011 will result in removal from the CCEF approved eligible installation contractor list. All provisional installation contractors will be required to complete the NABCEP entry level certificate exam before final approval to the CCEF approved eligible installation contractor list.


For more details regarding North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) please visit.  Please note NABCEP does not offer training directly nor does it endorse any specific program. CCEF recommends solar contractors contact one of the registered providers for the NABCEP Entry Level PV exam here. The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) also hosts an on-line course catalog located at


Additional Training Resources: